How far does a tree fall?

tool04There are trees in British Columbia that are over 1,000 years old and, unbelievably, it is still legal to cut them down. These complex organisms support life in irreplaceable ways. Animals like the spotted owl and the marbled murrelet call these ancient forests their homes. And a key characteristic of a healthy forest is the presence of dead and decaying trees which contribute to the soil’s productivity. Intense logging and clear cutting don’t allow this natural cycle to take place, depriving the soil of these much-needed nutrients.

Despite the continued logging of these important forests, wood is still mismanaged. Walking around Vancouver and seeing piles of wooden pallets in alleys headed for the dump is just one testament to the inefficiencies of the way society uses wood. Unfelled’s products turn this inefficiency around by taking discarded wood and turning it into lifelong furniture, reducing our dependency on freshly-logged wood.

If you want to get involved in protecting old growth forests, here are some organizations who are already hard at work:
The Ancient Forest Alliance (
The Wilderness Committee (
Sign the Ancient Forest Petition here:
Valhalla Wilderness Society (
The Sierra Club (


I’m Greg Stone, I run Unfelled, a small furniture company based out of Vancouver, BC. After finishing a Masters degree in sustainable development, I needed a creative way to express my values.

Unfelled was born from a creative heart and a sustainable vision. We use only reclaimed wood, never new, never supporting the logging industry, never creating demand for new wood.

I want to inspire people to reconsider “waste”. After all, one man’s junk is another man’s coffee table. Or bookcase.



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